Yamamoto Clinic is Okinawa's most advanced
mental health clinic. The clinic specializes in
psychosomatic medicine, occupational
mental health and neuropsychiatry.  It is a
modern and progressive clinic which has
been carefully designed to provide the utmost
professional care and comfort for patients.
The clinic has a bilingual policy and thus
caters for both Japanese and
English-speaking patients.
The clinic has a unique relaxation room
equipped with a massage chair and
relaxation capsule for use either before or
after consultations.
Yamamoto Clinic is dedicated to
supporting the needs of patients while
upholding the highest level of discretion
for privacy.  Due to the appointment only
system, waiting time is minimal.  The
clinic has ample parking.
Yamamoto clinic is the only one of its kind in
Okinawa prefecture, offering a warm and
comforting atmosphere, calming decor and
attentive, caring staff.  Patients can listen to
soothing music, watch relaxing images on the
screen, or try the calming foot massager in
the waiting room.
Those afflicted with mental health issues are warmly invited to visit
Yamamoto Clinic.  Patients will be supported in their return to a healthy state
of mind, through professional counseling and lifestyle guidance.